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AAA – PH:800-222-7623 x:5000

ACE/CHUBB – Non-CAT PH:800-945-7461, CAT PH:800-778-1629, F:800-678-9847,

Aegis – PH:800-233-2160, F:717-657-0340,

AIG – PH:866-642-5246

Amelia Underwriters – PH:800-940-2306

American Bankers – PH:800-245-1505

American Integrity – NonCAT PH:866-277-9871, CAT PH:844-692-4421

American Reliable – PH:800-245-1505,             

American Traditions – PH:866-270-8430, F:866-725-5051

AmWINS – PH:800-529-7505

Anchor – PH:844-365-5588

ASI Flood – PH:866-511-0793      

Auto-Owners – MUST FILE ONLINE, local office PH:850-216-3180

Bankers – PH:800-765-9700

Bass – PH:954-453-4822

Beazley – PH:800-994-9719, F:770-945-1452,

Bristol West – PH:800-274-7865

Cabrillo Coastal/National Fire & Marine – PH:866-482-5246, F:352-240-0983,

Capital Preferred – PH:800-734-4749 or PH:888-388-2742

CHUBB (Agents Access) – PH:800-252-4670

Citizens – PH:866-411-2742

Cypress – PH:888-352-9773

Federated National – PH:800-420-7075

FEMA – PH:800-427-4661


Florida Family – PH:888-486-4663 or 888-850-4663

Florida Peninsula – PH:877-229-2244

Foremost – PH:800-527-3907

Foremost Business – PH:800-237-6136

Frontline – PH:877-744-5224

GEOVERA – Contact NRS PH866-417-4855, F:877-743-4252

GMAC – PH:800-468-3466

Guard Ins – PH:888-639-2567

Gulfstream – PH:866-485-3005, flood ph:877-254-6819

Hagerty – PH:800-922-4050, F:231-941-8227,

Halcyon – Ph:800-393-9090

Hamilton – PH:866-391-9675, F:800-393-8104

Hartford – PH:800-243-5860

Heritage – PH:855-415-7120,

Homeowners Choice – PH:866-324-3138,

Hull & Company – PH:800-241-4855

Infinity – PH:800-334-1661

Ironshore – PH:800-466-9165,

Jibna – PH:877-542-6254, F:215-701-8719,   

K&K – PH:800-237-2917

Lexington – PH:800-931-9546,

Liberty Mutual – PH:800-225-2467

Lloyd’s – PH:866-264-2533. Lloyds through IBGreen- PH:877-871-7344, 

Main Street America - PH:877-425-2467 or 800-606-7992

MAPFRE – PH:877-627-3731 or 888-962-7373

Markel – PH:800-362-7535, F:855-662-7535,            

Mercury – PH:800-987-6000

MetLife – PH:800-854-6011

Modern USA – PH:866-270-8430, F:866-725-5051

Nationwide – PH:800-421-3535

Nationwide Agribusiness – PH:800-228-6700, F:800-842-1482

Nationwide Flood – PH:800-759-8656, F:866-528-3252,

NFIP – PH:800-621-3362

Old Dominion – PH:877-425-2467 or 800-606-7992

Olympus – PH:866-281-2242,

Philadelphia – PH:800-873-4552

Progressive DRIVE – PH:800-925-2886

PURE – 888-813-7873,           

QBE – PH:800-362-5448

RLI – PH:800-444-0406

Rockhill (Wind Only) – PH:772-237-8531

RTS – PH:860-656-1362

Safeco – PH:800-332-3226


Scottsdale – PH:800-423-7675

Security First – PH:877-581-4862

Southern Fidelity – PH:866-874-7342

Southern Oak – PH:877-900-2280, F:813-689-5461

St. Johns – PH:877-748-2059

TAPCO – PH:800-334-5579 (opt 3, opt 4), F:336-584-0094,

Tower Hill – PH:800-509-1592, Castlecare PH:844-869-3711 (emergency repair)

Tower Hill Flood – PH:877-254-6819

Travelers – PH:800-252-4633

Travelers Business Ins – PH:800-238-6225

United P&C – PH:800-861-4370

Universal P&C – PH:800-470-0599

USLI – PH:888-875-5231, F:610-687-9398 (attn: Lenore Akers),         

Weston – PH:877-505-3040, F:866-261-8507,

Zurich – PH:800-987-3373

Company History

Founded in 1978 and located in Tallahassee, FL, our company is a full-service insurance and financial services agency. We represent over 100 insurance companies to provide our clients the best insurance coverages, services, and pricing available for their unique needs.

Our Agency is licensed in Florida, Georgia, Alabama and other states around the country. Doug Croley Insurance Services has been serving the risk management and insurance needs of our clients for over 30 years. We write Homeowners Insurance, Personal Auto Insurance, Boat Insurance, Coastal Property Insurance, Jewelry and Inland Marine Insurance, Farm Insurance, Hunting and Plantation Insurance, Small Business Insurance, Large Commercial Insurance, Commercial Auto Insurance, Bonds, Life Insurance and more.

The following is a list of some of the insurance companies we represent.  We have access to many other insurance companies and special programs depending on your needs:

Allied, Nationwide, Travelers, Zurich, Progressive, Philadelphia Insurance Company, Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual, American Traditions, American Strategic Insurance, Capitol Preferred, Mercury Insurance, Graham Insurance Group, First Comp, Florida Hospitality Management, Security First Insurance Company, Nationwide Agribusiness Insurance, Liberty Mutual, Florida Peninsula, Tower Hill Insurance Companies, St. Johns Insurance Company, AmTrust Financial Company, American Integrity Insurance Group, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Appalachian Underwriters, Inc., The Hartford, Chubb Insurance Companies, Hull & Company, Jewelry Insurance Brokerage of North America, MAPFRE Insurance USA, RLI Insurance Company, Universal P&C, Universal North America, Victoria Insurance, Royal Palm, Bristol West and Southern Oak and many more...

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